From Brewery to Modern Meeting Space

Münchenbryggeriet is one of the most characteristic features in Stockholm’s cityscape today. It is also a much appreciated monument of Stockholm’s industrial past. Here beer was produced for over a hundred years, to the delight of thirsty Stockholmers. Today we have resumed old traditions and have a microbrewery with our own production of organic craft beer. But above all else, we act as a meeting space for people.

At Münchenbryggeriet we organize conferences, meetings and events for 10-3 500 participants. We have 23 historic venues in top condition. The facilities are bright, spacious and modern with a fantastic view of Riddarfjärden, The City Hall and Old Town. There are several large terraces and balconies where guests can take a breath of fresh air during breaks or mingle with a drink.

When choosing Münchenbryggeriet you can be sure to get everything you need for a successful event. We have the latest technical equipment, tasty & organic food from our three kitchens and knowledgeable staff.

Sustainable meetings are our standard. Münchenbryggeriet has for many years worked actively with sustainability issues. We are, among other things, Nordic Swan Ecolabelled in the categories Conference and Restaurant. We strive to contribute to a sustainable society and our goal is to become Sweden’s most sustainable meeting space.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled

We are since 2012 a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled venue.

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Sustainable meetings

Münchenbryggeriet have a long history of working sustainably and is a Nordic Swan Ecolabled facility since 2012. Our business and industry have a negative influence on our climate which we should take responsibility for. In order to do so we are aiming to make our climate footprint as small as possible.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of sustainable conference facilities in Sweden.

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In our venues there are dinners and parties, one after the other, and no day is the same. From industry mixers to gala dinners or festivals. Many choose to set a theme for the event, often by season. We have three restaurant kitchens where our fantastic kitchen team prepares everything you could wish for. We get an incredible amount of praise for our food. In our flexible facilities, almost everything is possible. Contact us to know more!

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Our clients choose us because of the flexibility and the personal, yet historic, atmosphere that is unique to Münchenbryggeriet. We have all the competence needed for a successful event. Regardless of the size, we carry out every event with the same good service and high quality. We have 50 years of experience of event planning and implementation, always tailor-made of course.

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Public events

We have long experience of organizing public events, from festivals to trade shows and concerts. We have many returning customers, which we consider a good rating. A selection of our recurring public events are; Yoga Games, Stockholm Pride, Stockholm Ink Bash and The Cheese Festival. The flexibility of our facilities makes them equally suitable for trade shows as for nightclubs.

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The Brewery

For over 100 years, beer was brewed at Münchenbryggeriet. In 2018, we resumed old traditions and started a microbrewery. Now a new era has begun with an artisanal and organic production of modern and traditional beers.

Our selection currently consists of 7 different beers, apart from those brewed by season or custom-made for our clients. Of course, we also arrange beer tastings and brewery displays for both small and large groups.

Our Kitchens

We have three restaurant kitchens where our fantastic kitchen team prepares everything from traditional “fika” to gala dinners. For us it is no difference to cook for 10 or 1 000 people. We mainly choose organic, locally produced and plant-based products. By adapting everything from how the menus are structured, to in what order food on the buffets are laid out, we have significantly reduced our climate footprint and food waste.

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It was a wholesaler, C C Brusell & Co who in April 1857 began producing and selling beer under the name of Münchens bryggeri-bolag “Munich Brewing Company”, named after the Bayern brewing city. The brewery stood where it still stands, next to the important docking and loading site of Skinnarviken on the South Banks of Riddarfjärden. It is just here that the high cliffs open up enough to allow access to the shoreline and thus became an important loading place for ships, waiting to transport goods.

The location of the brewery beside the water also provided an excellent source of ice during wintertime. A vital resource when making beer. Great quantities of ice were sawed out of the lake and used to cool the beer during the fermentation and whilst when stored. It was quite common that when working on the ice, each worker received a “sup”, or a quick drink, before each shift, at lunchtime and at the end of the day. If you were unfortunate enough to have fallen through the ice, you of course would receive another drink to protect against the cold.

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Below you will find our press kit with our logo, graphic manual as well as pictures that you may use both for print and web. Do not forget to give copyright to Münchenbryggeriet when using the pictures. If you need more materials or have questions, please contact

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Nordic Swan Ecolabel

We are a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled venue within the categories Conference and Restaurant since 2012.

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“Svenska Möten”

We are members of “Svenska Möten” (Swedish Meetings).

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Sustainable Meet

We are part of the Sustainable meet network, which aims to strengthen and position Stockholm as a sustainable meeting destination.

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