Digital meetings

In this time, it is more important than ever to gather the troops, communicate and to not slow down. We have a long experience with digital meetings. Due to the current situation, we have designed several flexible event studios in different sizes.

We have solutions for streaming from multiple venues simultaneously or via link. In usual order, we tailor the event based on your goals and conditions – with or without an audience on site. We will plan everything based on you and your message. You will get a dedicated Project manager who ensures that everything goes according to plan. We have everything you need to create a successful event – the latest technical equipment, organic & tasty food from our own kitchens, a lovely atmosphere and one of Stockholm’s most beautiful views.


Transport and travel are one of the biggest polluters within the event industry. By making the whole, or parts, of the event digital you can reduce the overall carbon footprint considerably. It usually leads to a reduced consumption of  printed materials as well.

Time efficient

Today’s meetings demand an experience beyond the monotone theater seating and that requires us to economize our resources – and the participants’ time. When an event is streamed, the agenda gets compressed and the participants don’t need to spend time on travel. Also, the material can be re-used and shared in other channels for a better and longer lasting effect.

Secluded and secure

We have 6 different main entrances, but even more possible entryways. With us you can get total privacy for your event. We have also done a thorough review of our routines to ensure a safe meeting for both you and our staff.

Our event studios


We’ll help you make the whole, or parts, of your event digital – with or without audience. We have over 23 unique venues on a total of 9000 sq. m. Cost from 15 000 sek ex VAT per day.

We have everything you need to create a tailored digital meeting. Contact us for more information.




Our 23 flexible venues are suitable for all types of events. Need help finding the right one? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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