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Münchenbryggeriet is located at Södermalm in the heart of Stockholm. It is a historic building from an industrial past with a fantastic location at the banks of Riddarfjärden. Today Münchenbryggeriet is used, among other things, for our modern event and conference facility with 23 rooms and space for 10-3 500 visitors. Conferences, dinners, fairs, exhibitions and concerts are all organized here. We have also taken up old traditions and started a microbrewery with a small-scale production of organic craft beer.

Below you will find the events that are open to the public. For questions about the events, we refer to the organizer of each event. For questions regarding our venues, email or call +46 8 658 2000.

Visiting adress: Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2  | 118 25 Stockholm


Banning of bags

The decision by the Swedish Police Authority on November 1st, 2023 In accordance with the authority’s decision regarding a ban on bags at major events, there is currently a prohibition on all types of bags and handbags. At affected events, we do not allow any type of bags or bag-like items that you can carry something in. If a bag is still brought, it will be searched at the entrance and stored in the cloakroom for a fee.

Exceptions may be granted for medical reasons; in this case, please present a medical certificate, and the bag in question will be checked regardless.

Let the world be a safe place!

Nordic Swan Ecolabeled Venue

Münchenbryggeriet have a long history of working sustainibly and is a Nordic Swan Ecolabled facility since 2012. Our business and industry have a negative influence on our climate which we should take responsibility for. In order to do so we are aiming to make our climate footprint as small as possible. We do this by;

  • Sorting all our waste
  • Using 100% ecolabelled electricity
  • Being plastic and chemical free
  • Brewing own locally produced and organic beer
  • Customizeing our facilities to be more accassible
  • Using majorly organic food products
  • Working actively to be an attractive, healthy and safe workplace

Protect the environment and use public transportation when coming to us.
Help us by sorting your waste into the right container.
Thank you for caring and welcome to us!

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Facts about Münchenbryggeriet

At the site where Münchenbryggeriet is located today, there have been various types of industrial buildings since 1740, such as clothing, tile and paint factories. However, it is best known for the brewery business that operated here between 1857-1971.

It was in the suites of a devastating fire in 1893 that Münchenbryggeriet was rebuilt in its characteristic Renaissance style which is such a well-known feature in Stockholm’s cityscape today.


Münchenbryggeriet Event & Conference has 23 venues at a total of 9 000 sqm.

Audience Capacity Concert: 

1 700 persons in Mässhallen.


Münchenbryggeriet Event & Conference is is a Nordic Swan Ecolabled facility since 2012 and KranMärkt since 2014.

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