Sustainable meetings are our standard.

Our business and industry have a negative influence on our climate which we should take responsibility for. Therefore, it is important for us to make our climate footprint as small as possible. Sustainability work permeates our entire business. We have been a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled facility since 2012 and we place high demands on our suppliers.

By choosing Münchenbryggeriet as your venue you have already taken the first step to create a sustainable event. Today’s meetings demand an experience above a monotone auditorium seating. It is increasingly important to manage resources and the participant’s time.

Regardless if you want help with climate compensation, ecolabelling or advice, we make sure you get the inspiration and guidance you need.

Important Documents

Our goal is to be at the forefront of sustainable conference facilities in Sweden. For us, it’s not about making individual events sustainable, sustainable events are our standard.

For more information on how we work and what you can do to create a more sustainable event, download;

> Our sustainability policy (in Swedish)
> Survey of our sustainability work (in Swedish)
> Check list for a sustainable event

Our Sustainable Breakfast Seminars

A few times a year we invite friends and colleges to our Sustainable Breakfast Seminars. The aim is to inspire people in our industry to work more sustainable. The date for the next breakfast seminar is not yet decided. Sign up for our newsletter to receive an invitation.

Our Sustainability Work

Ecolabelled Event

There are various tools and certifications to choose from depending on your scope and focus. An example of environmental labelling is “Miljömärkt event” (Ecolabelled event) that Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Clean) has produced. With the help of a web-based checklist and personal guidance, you as an organizer can plan your event with a greater regard for the environment.

Another way to get an overall view of your sustainability work in planning and implementation is the “Sustainable Event” tool. This is an online tool where you as an organizer can get inspiration and support in your sustainability work. In addition to your environmental work, the tool also includes social sustainability. You use it by submitting answers to questions in the tool during the planning process.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will tell you more on how you can make your event more sustainable.


Safety is always a priority. We are committed to provide our visitors with a safe and secure experience. We do this through routines, clarity, supervision and trained employees.


Our environmental work and facility is quality ensured by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. All products used in daily operations are ecolabelled and we also involve suppliers and subcontractors in this process. 100% of our electricity use is from renewable sources such as wind, water and bio fuel. Ecolabelled electricity also takes into account the environment, climate, animals, plants and people.

We have changed our table cloths to a waxed material that can be wiped off. As a result, we have reduced our laundry volume by approximately 35% and also removed several hours of work for our staff.

We encourage methods that minimize waste. Around 80% of our waste is recycled and our food waste is composted and converted into biogas which, to some extent goes back into our own electricity use.

Social Sustainability

Thresholds, elevators, toilets and meeting rooms – our aim is to adapt our facility so that everyone, regardless of personal circumstances, can have as much of an equal experience as possible at our venue. It is important to think about accessibility early on in the planning process. To help, we have prepared a checklist for accessibility.

Our employees are our most important resource and we work actively to be an attractive, healthy and safe workplace. We have involved all staff in the value-based work and they have helped formulate our goals. We value each other’s differences, knowledge and experiences and strive for everyone to be able to grow, perform and be healthy.

Food & Beverage

At Münchenbryggeriet we’re thinking in cycles. When planning our menus we attach importance on how to minimize our climate impact and food waste. We strive to cook organically, locally and plant-based as much as possible.

We have a wide selection of organic drinks and serve, among other things, Münchenbryggeriets own organic beer, brewed in our microbrewery. We have replaced all our bottled and canned sparkling water with sparkling water on tap from Still Sparkling. In this way we minimize glass consumption, transports and handling.

We constantly try to minimize our food waste. It can be simple things like smaller plates or the order and size of the platters on our buffets. Münchenbryggeriet has been Nordic Swan Ecolabelled since 2012 and imposes strict environmental requirements on all our suppliers. We also plan our orders and choice of suppliers to reduce transport and climate impact.

Cooking is at the heart of our business, and of course sustainability plays an important role here.

It is important to make sustainable choices easy and natural. We are climate-labelling our menus in order to calculate and minimize our carbon footprint.
”The first thing I think of when I hear Münchenbryggeriet is their sustainability efforts” - Linda Näkne, Ecolabelling Sweden


We take a stand for a better environment and therefore serve fresh, healthy and locally produced tap water instead of packaged water. No packaging means no waste, no transport and no emissions!

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We are part of the Sustainable meet network, which aims to strengthen and position Stockholm as a sustainable meeting destination.

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Klimato has developed a digital tool to easily calculate the climate impact of different foods and dishes. We are currently working on climate labeling our menus with the help of Klimato.

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