Here we have gathered your most frequently asked questions. Do you have another questions then the ones below? Or have you lost something during an event? Please contact us at admin@m-b.se or give us a call on tel. 08-658 20 00.


What age limit do you have?

The age limit á 18 years applies to all concerts unless otherwise stated. At most conserts you must therefore have already turned 18 (not the year you turn) in order to get in. We have an ID check at the entrance. Since we serve alcohol at all concerts, you may also need to show your ID at the bar. Visit the event page to check the age limit for the event you intend to attend.

It is the organizer’s decided age limit that applies, even with a guardian. The Swedish Public Health Authority has clarified recommendations regarding high sound volume that the Swedish Environmental Management requires the organizer to follow in order to maintain its operations. Thus, even if the guardian is willing to take responsibility for the potantial harm to the child’s hearing, it is not possible for the organizer to transfer their responsibility according to the Environmental Code Act.


How do I buy tickets to the event?

Tickets to our different events are sold via authorized ticket agents. There are linkes to them at each event page. We recommend that you only buy tickets through authorized agents.


Can I buy tickets at the venue?

If the consert or event is not sold out we will sell tickets at the entrance. However, please note that the prize may differ from presale tickets.

At the Venue

When do the doors open?

We open the doors 1.5 hours – 1 hour before the main act begins. We always strive for all our guests to be inside before the main act goes on stage. For everyones safety security checks are carried out at the entrance. Therefore it’s best to arrive early and be ready with a valid ID and ticket when standing in line.


Do you take cash and credit cards?

Münchenbryggeriet Event & Conference is a cash-free facility. You can pay with Swish and most credit cards, like; Amex, Visa/Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, among others. Please note that we do not take Rikskuponger (National Cupons).


Is there a wardrobe and food & bevarge for sale?

At public events, we always offer a manned wardrobe as well as a well-composed bar menu with simpler dishes and snacks. There is rarely any seating so the food is adapted to be eaten mingling/standing. Did you know that we have become a brewery and produce our own craft beer? Feel free to come in early and taste our homemade organic beers.

The wardrobe fee is 40sek/person and is generally not included in the event ticket. For safety reasons all guests are requested to leave larger bags, outer jackets and umbrellas in the wardrobe.


Can I bring my camera?

Please always leave system cameras and selfie sticks at home. Regarding what applies to photography during the specific event you are going to attend, please contact the organizer for the event. It is the organizer who decides if photography is allowed or not, not Münchenbryggeriet. You will find the contact details of the organizers on each event page.


If I have lost something?

If you have lost or forgotten something at the venue, please contact our switchboard on tel. 08-658 20 00. The switch is open on regular weekdays Mon-Fri between 08: 00-17: 00. If you need to get in touch with us at any other time, you can of course email us at admin@m-b.se. Please make sure to include full information about what you have lost and enter the date and name of the event at whitch you lost it.

We cannot guarantee that things that have been forgotten at the venue will be found. Found valuables are handed over to the police 2 weeks after the event. Other lost things are stored with us for 3 weeks before it is donated to charity.


Why do you have a body and bag search ?

We conduct a body and bag search at the entrance with the aim to ensure everyones safety by preventing unauthorized objects from being brought into the event venue.


What objects am I not allowed to bring to the venue?

Unauthorized or dangerous objects, such as weapons, sharp objects, alcohol, bottles and laser pointers, are not allowed to bring into the venue. Neither system cameras nor selfie sticks are allowed. Bulky objects such as backpacks, large bags and umbrellas should be left in the wardrobe. We are not responsible for any loose items left inside or outside the event venue.


Are there accessible seating for people with disabilities?

We generelly only have standing tickets at our conserts. If you are in need of accessible seating please talk to the authorized ticket agent when you book your ticket. When booking this kind of ticket you will have access to a dedicated area for a better view.


Is there an elevator and accessible toilets?

Yes, there is an elevator from the entrance (Floor 0) to the consert venue (Floor 1).

Disable accessibale toilets are also availible on both floors.


Are there any parking spaces?

You can park along Torkel Knutssonsgatan (approx. 100 parking spaces in both directions), Söder Mälarstrand (approx. 50 parking spaces along the dock) and at nearby streets. Please follow the link below to see the fees for street parking.

* >See the latest price updates here