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The pandemic has put the entire meeting industry in acute change. We at Münchenbryggeriet have adapted our business based on the current situation. Safety and health for guests and staff have the highest priority. Here we have compiled important information to create safe meetings.

How to arrange meetings and conferences during Covid-19

Number of Participants


You are allowed to arrange conferences and meetings for more than 50 people. The guidelines decided by The Public Health Agency of Sweden apply for both corporate and private events. These include keeping your distance, maintaining good hygiene, and staying home if you are ill.


Contact us if you are unsure about what applies at public gatherings and public events right now.


Münchenbryggeriet is responsible for making sure that the venue does not get crowded and that guests can keep a minimum of 1 meter between them and other guests.

Information to guests

Münchenbryggeriet is responsible for informing the guests about how they can limit the spread of infection at our entrances, toilets, and other places around the venue. The information will be clearly visible and contain information about the importance of keeping your distance and washing your hands, that food and drink should be consumed while sitting down by a table, and that you should stay home if you have symptoms of Covid-19. In some cases, and to the extant it’s possible, the information may be given orally. Especially if the guests do not understand or for other reasons do not respect the recommendations given. If the event has guests who speak languages other than Swedish, it can be difficult for them to understand and follow the information given regarding how to reduce crowding and the spread of infection. To ensure that everyone understands, information might have to be given in different languages and have signs with more images than text. If this is the case, the organizer is responsible for informing Münchenbryggeriet in good time before the event.

Educating staff

Münchenbryggeriet is responsible for keeping their personnel and staff updated regarding the latest recommendations regarding hygiene routines and how to limit the spread of infections at the venue.


Münchenbryggeriet has extended cleaning routines in both public areas and meeting rooms and are extra careful with toilets and contact areas. Guests are offered the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and water and are offered hand sanitizer.

Münchenbryggeriet – Safe to visit

Münchenbryggeriet Event & Konferens takes the Covid-19 virus very seriously and regularly follows the authorities’ restrictions and the pandemic law. Safety and health for guests and employees have the highest priority and as a result we have undertaken a number of measures to secure the situation. With this information, we want to demonstrate what measures we have taken to make guests, customers and staff feel safe with us.

Secluded & secure
We have 6 different entrances to our venues. With us, you can get total privacy around your event.


• Immediately after the first alarm reports of the spread of infection, it was ensured that all personnel were not in the vicinity of any risk area for Covid-19.
• We divided all staff into different teams to always be ready at the customer’s disposal. Everyone work hard to reduce the spread of infection.
• In the event of symptoms, the staff stays at home and we remind the organizer to inform the same to their invited customers/guests/employees.
• Our staff are asked to exclude handshakes.
• Increased use of gloves occurs at a number of different stations in the business.
• Signs about washing your hands thoroughly and often are scattered in the premises and the toilets. There are also signs to remind you to keep distance and reduce congestion.
• Hand disinfection is located in all public areas such as in the entrance/closet, in the toilets and close to food and beverage.
• We furnish airily in the venues. Even the stations of food and beverage are spread out to counteract the risk that several guests can gather at the same time.
• Buffet and sharing concept is excluded and replaced with ready-made plates and/or you will be served at the table.
• Coffee bread/biscuits, fruit and likewise are served in a paper bag.
• The venues are ventilated more often and cleaning is done meticulously.
• The staff wipes and disinfects public areas several times during ongoing events (Surfaces such as wardrobe counter, wardrobe trays, door and stair handles, elevator buttons, tables, chairs, water and coffee pots, pliers, etc.).

If necessary Münchenbryggeriet will take more measures than indicated above.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Jonas Henriksson
General Manager

Our offers

Digital meetings

We help you make all or parts of your event digital – with or without an audience on site. We have extensive experience of digital meetings. Due to the current situation, we have designed several flexible event studios in varying sizes.

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Stay safe kick off

Today it´s more important than ever to gather the troop and communicate. After a long period of working-at-home, the need to meet others is long awaited. Do not miss the chance to start with new wonderful energy and community. There are many ways to carry out kick offs safely, even during an ongoing pandemic. Contact us and we will tell you more.


Change requires new solutions. A conference subscription is the perfect complement to the home office. We are currently working on package solutions. If you want to be the first to test, we promise an extra good try-out deal.


Our 23 flexible rooms are suitable for all types of events. Do you want help finding the right one? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Jonas Henriksson
General Manager

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