2020 – Sweden

Artificial Intelligence has already opened doors to cost savings and heightened customer experience. It will continue to do so as you connect with a growing network of perpetually improving AI solutions. But you are ambidextrous; you stay ahead of the curve on integrating AI into key operations, while at the same time checking the horizon for the next revolution in Artificial Intelligence. The question is, how will a technology capable of independent reasoning be built: on the model of current AI solutions, or of a different fabric entirely? brings together the most cutting-edge minds and research to co-create the new world of Marketing Automation, Mobility, Smart Cities, Finance, Insurance, and Cybersecurity. You have a seat at the table – make the most of it by actively shaping our joint future, hand-in-hand with AI. is a first sustainable decentralized event for global communities. These series of events offer you talks, panel discussions and workshops relevant for an enterprise executive but also for a private citizen. The events across the 2 continents will cover all aspects of digitalization and the interaction of humans and technology. will take place in Darmstadt | Germany, Stockholm | Sweden and Abuja | Nigeria simultaneously. The events will focus on relevant topics for each region, applying traditional and innovative ways. Attend interactive sessions, keynotes from thought-leaders and experts and participate in discussions together with the expert speakers and panelists.


Key Topics

  • Everything AI: Where-We-Are & How-To Workshops; Early Adopter Stories & Best Practices; Leading Edge Research & Development Reports; Innovation Guidance
  • AI-Powered Smart Cybersecurity: Helping Under-Resourced Security Operations to Stay Ahead
  • AI for Marketing: Removing Friction Between Customers and Enterprises
  • Identity Management in the Age of AI: Dealing with Non-Human Identities
  • Robots, Automation & AI: Are They Coming to Take Our Jobs?
  • Current and Future Blockchain & Post Blockchain Applications and their Role in an AI-Powered Digital Business World
  • The Transformational Power of AI in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • AI in the Things, Logistics & Mobility Ecosystem: Overcoming Current Challenges on the Road to Smart Mobility
  • Connected Industry & AI 
  • AI & Smart Energy 
  • AI & Robotics in Healthcare

Event info

Titel 2020 – Sweden
Date Tue 24 November 2020
Time 09:00
Address Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm
Metro Mariatorget

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Age limit 18 years applies to all concerts unless otherwise stated. You must therefore have already turned 18 (not the year you turn) in order to get in. This age limit also applies to the keeper’s company. We have an identification check at the entrance. Since we serve alcohol at all concerts, you may also need to show your ID at the bar. Visit the event page to se the age limit for the event you intend to attend.

It is the organizer’s decided age limit that applies, even with a guardian. The Swedish Public Health Authority has clarified recommendations regarding high sound volume that the Swedish Environmental Management requires the organizer to follow in order to maintain its operations. Even though the guardian is willing to take responsibility for the potential harm to the child’s hearing, it is not possible for the organizer to transfer their responsibility according to the Environmental Code Act.


We open the doors 1.5 hours – 1 hour before the event starts. We always strive for all our guests to be inside the venue just before the main act goes on stage. Visitation is conducted for your and others’ safety. We therefore ask you to arrive in good time and be ready with valid ID and ticket ready when you are in the queue.


Münchenbryggeriet Event & Conference is a cash-free premises. You can pay with swish and most credit cards such as; Amex, Visa/Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, etc. We do not accept National coupons.


We always have staffed wardrobes at public events. The wardrobe fee is 40 SEK per person. For your safety all the guests are asked to hang in larger bags, outer jackets and umbrellas in our guarded wardrobe.


During our public events we always offer a well composed bar menu with lighter dishes and snacks. We rarely have seats in the concert room, therefor the food suits eating standing/mingling. We are also a brewery with means we are making our own craft beer. If you’d like, be here in good time for a taste of our own organic handmade beers.

System camera and selfie stick are left at home. To find out the terms of the event you’re visiting we recommend you to contact the organizer for the event. You find the contact info to the organizers on each event page. It’s the organiser who decides if any prohibition prevails, Münchenbryggeriet do not make these decisions.


In some cases the band who sells merchandises, only takes cash. Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw cash from us since we are a cash-free premises. The nearest ATM is in the corner Hornsgatan / Torkel Knutssonsgatan, next to Handelsbanken.


We generally only offer standing tickets. If you need a seat, we refer you to buy a disabled ticket from the ticket agent. Those who have booked a wheelchair ticket through the ticket agent will have access to a dedicated area for better visibility.


There is an elevator from the foyer (street level) to the concert venue (floor 1).
In the concert hall there are toilets for the disabled on both floors (floor 0 + floor 1).

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Münchenbryggeriet is located at Södermalm in the heart of Stockholm.
Address: Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
Subway: Mariatorget, exit Torkel Knutssonsgatan.

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