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Over seven hundred black-and-white illustrations, particular descriptions, and costs for an enormous array of upscale women's clothes and niknaks seem between those highlights from infrequent Nineteen Twenties B. Altman & corporation catalogs. Stylized drawings of flappers depict subtle clothes, bathing fits, cloche hats, sneakers, and extra. a variety of clothes for males and kids is incorporated.

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Still popular in London’s banking sector, this Edwardian style retains its connotations of privilege. Rudolph Valentino 1920 He was surely the most striking of the ‘matinée idols’ of silent cinema and when Valentino died of peritonitis in 1926 aged thirty-one, there were tearful women to be seen in streets across America, while his New York funeral attracted thousands of mourners. There was a second funeral in Beverley Hills – and even rumours of suicides among his legion of distraught female fans.

Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920 short story ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’ the author presents his heroine as something of a scandalous trailblazer. However, by the mid-1920s the bob in its various forms was the dominant hairstyle and long hair was in retreat. Brooks’s particularly short and stylish ‘helmet’ bob thus appeared at the end of a decade when the bob was just one sign of women pushing boundaries in taste and fashion. Marcel of Paris Beauty Shop circa 1929–35 French hairdresser François Marcel is credited with the invention of the ‘Marcel wave’, a method of creating a long-lasting wave of the kind seen in this display first invented in the nineteenth century.

Rolling Stones Fans: Hair Goes Long 5 July 1969 By the last year of the Sixties, hair had become even longer. Most young people of both sexes grew their hair slightly and some let it become very long indeed. Students and musicians did not have the tiresome dress codes of the average workplace to observe. Everyone in this picture (male or female) has longer hair, even if it is just a matter of heavier fringes and covered ears – a trend that would last well into the early 1970s. The word ‘unisex’ had entered the collective consciousness and soon ‘unisex salons’ would appear.

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